Weave-along Showcase

Vocabulary Terms From The Zoom & Loom:
Warp – The yarn that runs vertically in a weaving; the first threads that you fixed to the Hello! Loom before you began weaving the yarn with the weaving needle
Weft – The yarn that you string on the needle and passed back-and-forth horizontally through the warp threads
Selvage (selvedge in British English) – The edge of a weaving that doesn’t require the weaving in of a loose end; the turn created at the end of a woven row
Tabby Weave or Plain Weave – The weaving pattern that alternates between going over and under each of the warp threads
Weft-Faced Weaving – A weaving style that is tightly packed, leaving only the weft yarn visible and hiding the warp; this was the style of weaving Laura Demuth demonstrated on the Hello! Loom
Links and Resources For Further Exploration:
Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures (CSUMC), collaborator on this weaving workshop and presentation: https://csumc.wisc.edu/
CSUMC YouTube Channel, which has additional virtual program recordings:
Sustaining Scandinavian Folk Arts in the Upper Midwest / Nordic Folklife: https://folklife.wisc.edu/
Traveling Traditions Virtual Exhibit, which includes some features on fiber artists: https://folklife.wisc.edu/projects/traveling-traditions-nordic-folk-arts-in-the-upper-midwest/
Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study, collaborator on this weaving workshop and presentation: https://scandinavianstudy.org/
Vesterheim Norwegian American Museum, presentation and programming partner for this workshop and presentation: https://vesterheim.org/
Vesterheim Gold Medalist page for Laura Demuth: https://collections.vesterheim.org/gold_medalist/demuth-laura/
Hello! Loom, the handheld weaving tool featured in this weaving workshop: https://helloloom.com/
Hello! Loom YouTube Channel, which contains some instructional videos:
Weaving Lab, a project by Marianne Fairbanks, creator of Hello! Loom:
Woven Together: Hello! Loom at Copenhagen Contemporary, a virtual exhibition featuring weavings created on Hello! Looms:
Textile Center of Minnesota, includes online exhibits, educational opportunities, and more: https://textilecentermn.org/
Folk Schools and Folk Art Courses in the Upper Midwest Offering Weaving Courses:
North House Folk School, Grand Marais, MN: https://northhouse.org/
Vesterheim Folk School Classes, Decorah, IA: https://vesterheim.org/folk-art-school/
The Clearing Folk School, Ellison Bay, WI: https://theclearing.org/wp/
Weaving Books Laura Demuth Recommends in Connection to this Workshop and Presentation:
The Woven Coverlets of Norway, by Katherine Larson (2001): https://www.amazon.com/Woven-Coverlets-Norway-Katherine-Larson/dp/0295981318
The Warp-Weighted Loom, by Hildur Hakonardottir, Elizabeth Johnston, and Marta Kløve Juul (2016) (order here through Vesterheim): https://store.vesterheim.org/collections/books/products/the-warp-weighted-loom-kljasteinavefstadurinn-oppstadveven