Fredrik Prost

Fredrik Prost is a Sámi artist from Viikusjärvi on the Swedish side of Sápmi who creates Sámi knives, cups and bowls, drums, as well as jewelry. Having initially learned his craft at home as a child, Fredrik then attended the Sámi Education Centre where he continued to develop his skills as an artist.

The Sámi are the Indigenous people of northern Scandinavia. Growing up Fredrik was surrounded by beautiful Sámi handicraft and in 1995 he picked up the tools of his ancestors. There are and have been many skillful artists in Fredrik’s family and their beautiful handicraft has been a great source of inspiration. He learned the craft at home and then attended the Sámi Education Centre in Jokkmokk, Sweden, where he continued to develop his skills as an artist. Now his passion is is livelihood. Fredrik is constantly working towards finding a perfect balance between functionality and beauty in his work. All parts of his handicraft are important and therefore he forges his own blades. To make the leather and thread he uses reindeer skin and sinew. The wood and antler for his craft, he collects in nature. With tradition and quality as a guide he follows the path of his ancestors and brings the Sámi handicraft to coming generations.

Fredrik has received multiple awards for his work, including several for knife making, and was honored with the Asa Kitok-Award in 2016. His work has been included in exhibitions throughout Scandinavia and in 2017 he held a solo exhibition displaying Sámi drums titled “Govadas-Goabdes-Gåbdá-Gievrie.”