New Film about Nordic America

In 1965, citizens of the small town of Ulen, Minnesota, founded the Ulen Historical Museum. Since then, the museum has continued to be run by an all-volunteer staff and become a central part of the community spanning over 50 years. Today, the museum is a meeting place during the annual fall festival and a place where community members come to remember. This film tells the story of Ulen and the place that the museum has in this town on the prairies of Minnesota. The film builds on several years of collaboration and features many of the people of Ulen who have helped to build and maintain the Ulen Museum. 

“It Belongs to All of Us”: A Community and Its Museum is a joint production between Mirva Johnson (one of the 2017 summer documenters), David Natvig (who recently received his PhD from the Department of German, Nordic, and Slavic), Marcus Cederström (Community Curator of Nordic-American Folklore), the Ulen Historical Society, and the Ulen Museum.