Maja Heurling

Maja Heurling has played, written and recorded songs in the Swedish visa-tradition since the 1990s. The visa is a story-telling song, sometimes vocally dramatized in the performance and with an integrated relationship between melody and lyrics, both regarding form as well as content. Traditionally it also often has political content and/or detailed nature poetry. Heurling’s lyrics are modern stories from her life as a young woman from an existential and philosophical point of view, and have been released on two CDs (2000 and 2012). A few years ago, Heurling was invited to join a songwriting project, together with three fellow songwriters, honoring the influential Swedish labor author and women’s rights activist Moa Martinson (1890–1964). This work resulted in an album titled Påtår hos Moa Martinson: Sånger kring en berättare och hennes verk, featuring 12 new songs, telling stories from Moa’s books and her life. The songs were recorded in 2014 in Moa’s 18th century croft, which is today a museum run by Moa’s granddaughter.